My Bucket List....

A Bucket List….described by some as “the list of things to do before you kick the bucket”. It could be a good thing for all of us.

For instance…at the top of my list is to FINISH some projects that I have begun in order to make room for NEW and exciting ventures…..

It is somewhat about age, the bucket list, …….but they say that age is only a number, and MINE is unlisted….

If only I could…

Take a homeless soul to lunch at a restaurant of their choice, complete with listening to their life story. Let them order from the menu what their "heart desires"...There are many on the streets of Portland and surrounding suburbs...
Some day, I hope to meet my Granddaughter..Perhaps, she will want to meet me...

Drive the full length of Highway 101 down the west coast. …..Or, just drive out with a full tank of gas and with no destination.

Publish another book. (Workin' on it)

Take a helicopter ride. (Yeah, right!)

Conquer my fear of heights..(My friend and I are trying)

I want to finish projects, so that I can feel pride.

I want to change food intake.(Eating healthier)

I want to visit a NEW place of interest in Oregon once a week…
(This one is a task, but I love it).

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